Tracy’s Tantalizingly Tasty Birthday Bash


Salmon Tartare w avocado


Table Setting

Another day, another fun catering event! This time we catered for Tracy N., who I must say is one fun gal! She orchestrated a beautiful evening for her friends and family in honor of her boyfriend’s birthday. Her menu was, as expected, a very fun unique meal!

French Kiss Martini

French Kiss Martini

For starters she had a Lobster Fondue and Salmon Tartare. The lobster fondue as served along side some slices of fresh baked San Francisco baguette. Off course we can’t forget the signature cocktail, which was a client favorite French Kiss Martini. Beware though this drink will sneak up on you!

The appetizers were followed by a sit down family style meal at the table that was beautifully arranged by our staff. The dinner menu included a beet salad, coq au vin, and a mediterranean fish. We also had some side dishes chosen by the lovely Tracy, which were sautéed green beans, sherry mushrooms, and pommes puree. Everyone loved the food and I can say that was another successful catering event!

On to the next event!

Fabulous Forty


Fabulous & Forty

Argentinian Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Argentinian Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Another day another gig! This time it was a forty and fabulous birthday party for the lovely Laura Q. Laura wanted the food at her party to be served cocktail style so that everyone could walk around mingle while still getting some delicious food. The party food was latin themed and we had a blast preparing the food for her. Everyone at the party was drinking and eating with the best of companies. There was never a quiet moment during the party, except maybe when they started eating our Argentinian flank steak with chimichurri sauce!

Chef Alexa put together an amazing menu for this event! For appetizer she made her now famous Mango Mahi-mahi Ceviche and Goddess Pizzettes! Our Mango Mahi-mahi ceviche recipe comes straight from our head chef and owner who grew up influenced by the ceviche gods of a tiny beach town in Ecuador (South America)! As for the goddess pizzettes, well the clients just can’t get enough of them and neither can we!

For the main course we served an Argentinian flank steak with sautéed sweet peppers, sausage and garlic herb fingerling potatoes served with some chimichurri sauce. Once Sous Chef Jennifer began started grilling those steaks, everyone started finding their way into the kitchen to see where the smell was coming from. I think it is safe to say everyone enjoyed the flank steak since everyone came back for seconds and pretty much licked their plates clean!

At last, but definitely not least, we got to the most important meal (in my opinion). For dessert we served a mini, individual caramel flan! These little bites came out delicious and we just can’t get over how cute they are too. You get to eat with your mouth and eyes!

Here’s a look at some of the amazing food our team prepared for the lovely friends and family of Laura!

We hope Laura had an amazing birthday and enjoyed the food! You make forty look fabulous! On to the next gig!

Goddess Pizzette

Goddess Pizzette

Mango Mahi Mahi Ceviche with Plantain Chips

Mango Mahi Mahi Ceviche with Plantain Chips

Caramel Flan

Caramel Flan

10 Signs That You Are Or Live With a Chef

Do you work as a culinary professional? If you do then you understand that most of us are a different kind of breed. We work when people party and party when people work. Every career is filled with its idiosyncrasies that make such career special. Us in the culinary field have certain “peeves” that we and those that live with us have to deal with. Here are our top 10 signs that you are or live with a chef.

Your refrigerator contains  6 different kinds of mustard (or other condiment)

People say always have the right tool for the job and mustard or condiments indeed fit that bill. Dijon, yellow, honey dijon, full seed, horseradish, cranberry, how many types of mustard does a person need? As many as necessary to make sure a dish stands out. Sometimes you need the sweetness of a honey mustard and sometimes that extra zing of a horseradish mustard. A true culinary pro will always search for the perfect compliment to any dish.

Deli cups are the most convenient containers ever

Forget those fancy  schmancy tupperware containers. Every culinary professional knows the awesomeness of a deli cup. They are perfect for storing prep, left overs, drinking water among their many uses. They are also super convenient as their lids fit on pint or quart  containers.

Your house has many knives, but there is one that NO ONE is allowed to touch

Many chefs are very particular about their knives and rightly so! They are the main tool of our trade and we tend to care for them more that we care for some family members. Just like our children, we love all our knives, but we all have one knife that we love above all others and we make sure that EVERYONE in our house knows that such knife is off limits! I love you Mr Miyagi!

You never run out of butter or cream

Thats right, unless you are a vegan chef, or are in the middle of a diet, you have a super secret, emergency back-up pound of butter somewhere in your fridge, why? Because no chef should be without butter or cream, period!

Apron laundry day is an exercise in patience and restraint

You think doing laundry sucks? Try washing a full load of aprons! Well, its not the washing that is a problem, it is trying to get that massive tangled web of cloth out of the washer. For some reason aprons seem to love the insides of a laundry machine. They cling and wrap themselves to every nook and rivet inside the machine making it almost a surgical procedure to get them out. But once they are out, its not over! Apparently the washing process makes aprons extra affectionate as they cling to each other like best friends who have not seen each other in 30 years!

You have enough left overs that you can make a menu bigger that The Cheesecake Factory’s

As chefs we cook, we cook a lot! and of course, there are always left overs. We store them safely and put them in the back of the fridge. Eventually we reach that tipping point where we stand at the top of the stairs and proclaim “I AM NOT COOKING TODAY!” while our family members give us a blank stare of confusion. “What are we going to eat?” they ask. What ever you want! We have coq au vin, carne asada, risotto, spaghetti and a plethora  of dishes, ready to be plated and save the day.

There is a random collection of bones in your freezer for that day when you make stock from scratch

Admit it, you finish fabricating a chicken or some other meat and your brain immediately thinks “I will save this to make some awesome stock later”. We do this over and over, preparing for the stock making day that never comes. Little by little we loose most of the  room in our freezer until we have to make peace with the fact that unless we are in school or someone is paying us, WE ARE NOT MAKING STOCK FROM SCRATCH! Drag the trash can next to the freezer, throw away those bones and watch the whole process mysteriously start all over again.

Your 6 year old sends food back in a restaurant because it is over cooked

Our kids are raised with a completely different set of culinary standards and knowledge. They know the difference between an onion and a shallot and more importantly, they know when something is not cooked right!

Of course, we teach our kids to be respectful when sending something back, as we  know first hand the kind of hell that is going on in the kitchen.

After  cooking the fanciest dishes, all you crave is greasy fast food

People think that being a culinary professional we only go for fancy, gorgeously plated food, however the truth is that after cooking these fancy foods and tasting them over and over, all we really want after a long day is some In-N-Out fries and a burger or whatever comes out of the closest food truck! We can’t really explain these cravings, but it sure is good to know at the end of the dinner rush we can grab something simple, yet delicious!

When you party, you PARTY!

Every chef knows that we operate on a very different schedule. When people are out, having wine and eating good food, we are in that kitchen, chopping, stirring, mixing, carving, etc. But once the doors close, we all seem to catch our second wind and head down to the local watering hole for ONE drink.

Well, that is never the case as we chefs (at least most I have met) are creatures who love to indulge, therefore we like to party hard. We spend all day making sure that everyone eats amazing food and once the night is over it is time to drink up! Wine, check, vodka, check!